Set Design, Drafting, Modelling

& Build

I remember the day when I did my first set drawing for my 'Art & Staging for TV & Film' module in San Diego State University back in 2010. 

Working with farrowed brows, I tried wrapping my mind around feet and inches and all those imperial measurements while carefully outlining my walls on graph paper with a 0.9mm thick carbon lead.

I made mistake on that first drawing. I made my corridor 3 feet wide, and got called out for it in front of the whole class. With amusement in his eyes, my teacher, David Morong, smiled at me and said that the corridor would probably work out right in 3 meters. I laughed, and from that time on, I've never ever made my corridor 3 feet wide again.


What can I say? It was definitely a set to remember.